Our home, is your dog's home.

We love our dogs and always want what’s best for them. They are our best friends and trusty companions. However sometimes it is difficult to spend time with your most precious because of work, travels and other obligations. It’s especially a problem when travelling abroad and even though we would always like to take our friends with us, it is not always possible.

This is why we started our Dog Hotel, located in Amsterdam-West. Our apartment has been converted to a fun doggie hotel! We currently have a second location in Amsterdam with our team members in Luisa & Stephen. Also some of our other team members host dogs when they can and offer one on one daycare. Your dog will get the best care and all the attention he or she needs while you are away. We make sure your dog is fed correctly and gets enough exercise just as they do when they are at home. And maybe even more cuddles then usual! This way you don’t have to worry when you are on vacation, as your dog will also be enjoying a little vacation of his/her own!


We are open throughout the whole year, but can only be visited between 09:00-11:00 and 16:00-18:00. However please always make an appointment first, we do not accept visitors without an appointment. These two timeframes are also our pickup & drop-off times. 

Pick-up & drop-off

You can drop your dog off before you leave and pick him/her back up when you are back. If you don’t have time or can’t drop your dog off, we can do it for you. If it is needed just let us know and we will pick your dog up and he/she will be back just as you return from vacation, waiting for you in your own home. However this will cost an additional fee, please see our prices for more information.

Daily Walks

The best thing about the dog hotel is that your dog will be walked at least four times a day. While getting a short walk in the morning and twice in the evening, he or she will get a long walk in the afternoon! If your dog needs additional walks or has a different schedule, we will make sure he/she gets the walks needed.

Social media

We understand it is hard to be away from your dog, even for a few days. This is why we will frequently update you through our online channels. You can easily log onto Facebook and/or Twitter and see how your dog is doing. Just make sure you follow our pages! You will also be updated privately through the use of mail, phone and/or WhatsApp. We also send out live videos and Instagram stories so you can see everything your doggie is up to!